Saturday, March 29, 2008


am just gonna just leave this blog around.
I could have missed it more than anything.
Been using blogspot fer long.
Decided to try something,
which is also a new spark of everything.
I know am suppose to change my blog long ago!
And who knows I'll be back to blogspot again.
Am just a hassle!

Msn me, sms me, or email me for my new blog address ya!

So I will see y'all in my new blog?


Monday, March 24, 2008


Yes, how can we not handle with photoshop?
Who wouldn't love photoshop?
Addictive eh!

And I learn extremely lots of new things in Photoshop over the years,
even till now (It's just yesterday I learned a new thing).

And it makes me so wanna install all the new versions of the various programmes I use,
and I did!

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3 (to replace Macromedia Freehand MX)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, formally know as Macromedia Dreamweaver,
and yes to replace that in fact!

I love these la!
I might be late to update.
Everything seems so classy to me,
even though the way to design is still the same.
Wonder why ain't I studying design or IT.

Attended POA & X Square's Fashion show @ Marina Square.
Makes me so wanna get one particular top.
I like!

Tmr is MC's Test!
Argghh, felt so unready.
Can someone just throw every single topic and answers into my mind ya?!

Lil Sherelle growing up


You could have thought she's innocent.


That's it for now.
I need to mug again.

All the best to my mates fer the test!


Friday, March 21, 2008


2 consecutive posts talking about wanting to travel...

Now all knows how much I yearn to do that!
"Then just travel la!"

Ok, this is the 3rd post am talking about t-r-a-v-e-l...


See the time?!


Monday, March 17, 2008

What's New?

Yes, like a whole load of projects and stuff?
Not surprising for every semester.
Probably Maine for this period has disappeared or abducted by aliens yeah?
And I suppose my project mates, especially Feline,
would be sick of seeing my face too much.

Probably BS too~
(BS = Baby Sean.
You see, every time typed "Baby" sounds so mushy,
plus that will reduce the number of words and character
in this composition. Haa.)

Anyways, since the last post,
didn't post any pictures,
so here comes the replacement!

Super Super Super Overdue pictures!




Meet Sherelle

Was at BS place,
and he was trying to take this.
But I snatched the camera from him,
and took it myself!



A piece of good news,
Wasabis genting trip would be finalized soon!
Awaiting for the confirmation from the committee,
which is Feline and myself.

So that means,
I have to save even harder fer a year end grad trip!
Might leave for Australia/China/Taiwan/HK/Japan (recent added list, thanks to Shunda ah!).
Sounds rather unplanned eh.
And I want Europe tour, probably in a few years time!
Did you hear that BS?
Heee =p

ok, I'm bored.

Till then!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What do I say about a break?

Yes, I want a holiday.
Be it,
fly me to Italy, Rome, Barcelona, etc.
I just want some place fer a relax..

How i wish rich falls upon me.
Having to live luxuriously,
and pamper my buddies and friends.
Having to see that smiles on their face.
Pamper my boyfriend with everything he desire?
Ok, germaine!
Please wake up from that lil dreams eh!

Yesterday was our 5th month anniversary.
How time flies!
Hui Shan was asking me if am going out.
And after my reply with only one word,
she add "I know I know".
I know yours too!

You taught me letters!

thanks for every care, love,
and patience you're put on me.
No matter how bad my day was,
with my obnoxious temper,
you're still able to bring laughters to me.
The happiness felt was irreplaceable.
Every smile you gave,
lifted my heart like I had never felt before.
Thanks for every wonderful moments!
Love you!

Caught Step up 2 few days ago.
Drove towards the street dancing,
with more underground hip-hop music.
Pretty draggy,
overall it's some movie I loved watching.

And oh,
I need to visit the dentist soon.
My teeth are getting dirty nahh.

All the best who're hard projecting!
Till then.